Moondog Digital LLC CD and DVD Ripping Services and Software
  No one else in the industry has the capability and scalability that Moondog Digital has. See for yourself!

Our Location - The Gallery

Two automated robots and the central command for 4 of them

Three automated robots and shipping spindles

Two more robots with four 200-Disc DVD Changers and associated A/V equipment.

Our Current Stats:
  Eight Robots with 32 Drives
  Six 200-Disc DVD Changers
  In Queue Capacity of 4400 Discs
  Temperature Controlled and Uninterruptible Power
  Ability to burn 1.2 terabytes of data daily
  Completely Scalable Solution to fit any need

Not pictured (for nondisclosure/security):
  Development Bench & Robot #8
  Our A/V testing lab

Onsite Projects - Moondog Digital comes to you!

Projects' Fun Facts:
Physically processed 2,040 pounds of discs (not including cases)
Created paper reports measuring nearly 1/2 mile in length
Burned up about 35 DVDRom drives

Moondog In The Movies

Moondog Digital was featured in a documentary regarding our role in 'Save the Music Library' by KCRW.

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