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RoboStation Software Purchases

When software is purchased, you will be sent an email. This email will contain:

  • Software Download Link
  • Installation Documentation Download
  • Authorization Code (enter on Options screen found by selecting File|Options)
  • Username & Password for downloading the above items

Download Email To have the application download links resent, please fill in the form below:

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Hardware Support

  • MediaTechnics Fusion Disc Loaders (2 Drive or 4 Drive Configuration)
  • All Models of PowerFile Changers supported
  • Acronova DupliQ, MFDigital Baxter, DiscMakers Pico, DataTronics Minicubis


Our pricing model is like no other system available. Our low purchase price allows any volume customers to provide their clients with CD ripping services.

RoboStation Software $299 + usage
Usage: Data fees are per disc - currently 28/disc (DVD data is optional)
Software/Hardware Bundles Available

Manufacturer Specific Guides - check frequently for updates and new guides
SeriousPlay Guide
Media Controller Guide

XiVA Media Server Guide

RoboStation Frequently Asked Questions


CD Meta Data and Formats Audio Manufacturer Support
  • After the music is converted, how do I load the media server?
    • Now that the hard work is complete, you simply need to move the music. Most media servers have an import folder that is used. Each manufacturer is different, so refer to the manual.
  • What steps are taken for certifying a media server?
    • Our test library of CDs is processed and loaded onto the machine. We then inspect the collection to ensure the information is correct and used properly. Many times our solution is sent to the manufacturer and their quality assurance team certifies our product.
  • What if the product I'm loading isn't listed on the Partner page or under Supported Products?
    • We can't track every product that our solution loads. If the product supports standard encoding formats, it's probably been loaded by one of our customers.
  • I have a robot that looks like this. Can I use it?
    • You bet! Our software can control any branded version which includes the DupliQ, Baxter, Pico, and MiniCubis.
  • What models from PowerFile do you support?
    • Currently we support all PowerFile models. DCS has both the C200, R200, R200ROM, and R200DL (dual-layer) in-house and finds the R200 to perform about 50% faster than the C200.
  • How many CDs can each system process?

    PowerFile 6-10 discs per hour
    DupliQ 7-12 discs per hour
    2 Drive Standalone Robot 20-30 discs per hour
    4 Drive Standalone Robot 30-50 discs per hour

  • I ordered the Software + Hardware Bundle. How will everything be delivered?
    • The RoboStation is made available to the customer via download. This is the most effective manner of distribution for a product such as ours. The equipment will be directly shipped to you.
DVD Processing Questions

  • What software does it work with?
    • Tests have confirmed that SlySoft AnyDVD, DVDDecrypter, and Handbrake can be utilized.
  • Does RoboStation retrieve the DVD cover art?
    • YES! We license DVD information from . Additionally, we supply an XML file of related DVD information. Here's a sample.
  • What DVD systems has RoboStation loaded?
    • We know that My Movies (, DVDLobby (, Calrad xLobby (, iMuse Electronics (, Music Mountain (, Niveus Media (, Vista Media Center have been loaded via RoboStation.

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