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Through an investment in customized hardware and software, Moondog Digital has automated the labor-intensive process of manually digitizing audio CDs. We specialize in large-scale conversion projects and can adjust our solution to meet your company's individual needs. Please contact us to discuss options for your specific project.

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A Sound Library


noun; the process of ensuring a library has structure, consistency, and accuracy.

Collectionization can be tailored for many digital music products
Multi-disc album sets are tagged with 'Disc X of Y'
Similar genres are combined
500 most common album names are appended with the Artist Name

We take care of:

Preparing the library for conversion
Digitizing your CD collection
Data tagging for artist, album, title, album art, etc. for each file
Supplying data import files
Special delivery mediums can be made available, so make a request!

CD Data Is Critical

Moondog Digital's system looks in not 1, but 2 locations for music information, resulting in complete music libraries.

Retain CD Information Rights

Data licensing is very expensive and legally-intensive. Moondog Digital can grant perpetual rights to the provided CD data.

Corporations can not legally use the CD information retrieved from iTunes, Media Player, etc. Get legal with Moondog Digital!

Moondog Digital Exclusive!

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