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The music library in the basement of Santa Monica-based public radio station KCRW (89.9 FM and houses a priceless collection of more than 60,000 recordings of great historical importance and cultural relevance. The station is launching a major effort to save this precious resource and preserve it for years to come with The Music Match: A Campaign to Save KCRW’s Library.

Moondog Digital's Services
KCRW's CD collection of 45,000+ was no match for Moondog's robots. In addition to creating over 25 terabytes (25,000 gigabytes) of music data, Moondog supplied KCRW's Dalet Radio Suite with the CD information that DJs will use to search through this extremely large collection. This CD information was blended seamlessly with KCRW's full database.
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Eric J. Lawrence, KCRW Music Librarian
"Moondog Digital provided us here at KCRW with the essential means to convert our radio station’s collection of over 45,000 CDs, a collection built up over the course of three decades, to digital files, complete with the necessary metadata, in a matter of a few weeks. It was an accomplishment I would have never imagined to be as easily completed as Moondog made it. For a public radio station that relies on volunteer assistance to help keep our music library running, Moondog gave us an elegant and economic way to attack this project. And their solutions have also given us an efficient way to continue building our digital library for many years to come. My hearty thanks!!! Cheers, Eric J. Lawrence"

Press Release Save The Music Library Site

The Station
This station's new digital system of Netgear 2TB ReadyNAS storage, iMac workstations with Megaseg DJ software, and gigabit backbone will provide the community of DJs a familiar and powerful booth.

Moondog Digital's Services
WMHB's CD collection was converted for use in a robust and budget-friendly environment. Archive-quality MP3s allowed WMHB to utilize existing software and to stay on budget.

Tim Williams, Manager WMHB FM
"Moondog Digital was an easy fix for an otherwise daunting task. Turnaround time was great, customer service excellent, and not to mention all of the money saved that would have gone towards coffee to keep us awake to copy all of the CDs."

The Station
Pressed for space, WBRS custom built a computer with multiple mirroring hard drives to ensure the library would be protected due to hard drive failure. Going digital was the only way that WBRS could allow their music library to continue to grow.

Moondog Digital's Services
WBRS's huge CD library of over 10,000 pieces needed a new home. For WBRS, converting to digital was an easy choice. Between promo disks from record labels, CD, vinyl donations and music that they purchase, they were literally running out of space to store it all. They also wanted to build a solid, organized digital library to fuel their new automation system.

Alex Kronberger, WBRS Radio Technical Director
"For any college or commercial station with a very large music library looking to switch to electronic storage, Moondog can make it happen, and happen quickly!"

Supported Packages

Founded in 1990, Dalet Digital Media Systems is a leading developer of software solutions that facilitate the management of audio and video assets for broadcast, entertainment, government, education, corporations and non-profit organizations. Developed for standard IT hardware, Dalet software solutions enable organizations to capture, manage and store digital media. The all-digital solutions greatly enhance productivity through immediate access to and management of valuable media assets.

Broadcast Electronics, Inc.

The AudioVAULT Suite consists of powerful, specialized modules that can be put together in infinite ways, to fit any kind of programming, in any size market, from a single station to a multi-site group.

More systems in testing..

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