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Why Moondog Digital?

No one can provide the services and turn-around that Moondog can!

  • Industry's Largest Processing Facility
  • Short Shipping Times (centrally located)
  • Streamlined order process
  • Discounts for multiple orders
  • Clean quality data with large cover art

We Rip, You Rock! How does the relationship work?

Get in our system for quicker quotes and better rates

  • 1.  Submit service request or call us.
  • 2.  Receive email with price quote and project details.
  • 3.  Pay invoice online via emailed instructions.
  • 4.  Receive MD package with supplies (optional).
  • 5.  Mail collection (optionally media server) to us for processing.
  • 6.  We'll process and return everything within 24-72 hours.

By eliminating extra steps, streamlining the payment process, providing more sophisticated encoding options, and increasing the shipping options, Moondog Digital allows our IPP customers to focus on their clients and leave the manual work to us.

Moondog can offer music via:

  • Loaded directly to the device
  • Sent on DVDRoms
  • Loaded to an external hard drive

Quotes and Program Details

Call Moondog today at 888-CDS-2MP3 for a project quote (or online) or any questions on the program.


Indianapolis Custom Installer of Russound, Elan, Lutron, Vantage and moreBeing a custom integrator who charges clients to rip their music to their music servers, I never considered using a professional service to rip the music for me. Then, when my personal music server crashed and I had no time to load the new one, I turned to Moondog Digital to rip my collection for me. The turnaround time was much better than anticipated, the Meta Data transferred flawlessly, and the DVD backups and documentation provided were great. Ever since I personally used their service, I now use Moondog Digital to convert and load all of my client’s music collection to their music servers. I install/sell Elan ViaDJ's!, Escient Fireballs, and Russound's SMS3's and their service works fantastic with all of them. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to convert their music collection to digital to utilize the services Moondog Digital offers.

Ryan McDaniel
One-Touch Automation, Inc.

Northern Milwaukee, Mequon, Techteriors, LLC, founded in 2001, is an engineering, design, installation, and service company providing electronic systems integration with a focus on easy to use and reliable technologies for security, entertainment, communications, and full service electrical for residential and commercial clients.Thanks for all the help and support you have offered in ripping our customers CD’s. The turnaround time is fantastic and I appreciate the list of discs that accompany the CD’s. We will continue to recommend Moondog to all of our customers.

Thanks again.

Dan Fetherston
Techteriors, LLC

Supported Products

† Other competitor’s invoices will be honored at 25% off.

†† New customers only. Discount is valid for services only (up to $500). Riptopia invoice coupon is for 50% off services. Hardware, shipping or other physical purchases not included. Discount must be requested at order placement. Physical invoice copy needs to be included with the inbound shipment to Moondog Digital. Discount period is subject to terminate at any time.

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