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  Moondog Digital provides large-scale audio conversion services & software; specializing in CD digitalization for radio stations, consumers, corporations, media houses, and custom installers. Whether your job involves 100 discs or 100,000, Moondog Digital has a solution to complete the project on-time Car insurance quotes MT and on-budget.
How Does Moondog Provide Its Ripping Services?
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  Experience Matters

No other service can customize a solution, Springfield, MO and convert your catalog faster than Moondog Digital.

  • Full Fidelity Conversions
  • Support Several Broadcasting Systems
  • High Quality CD Information

  CD/DVD Conversions

Moondog Digital simplifies the process of "going digital" for you painlessly and correctly:

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  • Data Grooming & Cover art
  • Free shipping & Fast turnaround
  • Many formats including MP3, FLAC, AAC and more
  • Commercial grade meta data
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Album art is included!   Your digital library will be more structured and easy to browse.
  Time Is Money

If it were easy, Moondog wouldn't exist.If this was easy, you would be more willing to do it. Allow Moondog Digital to process your customer's prize collection with our CollectionizationTM data groomer.

We can:

  • Load directly to the device
  • Send music on DVDRoms
  • Fill an external hard drive

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  Our CD ripping & DVD processing solutions are industry bests for loading digital media products. A solid processing engine, No down payment car insurance in Findlay, OH and world-class data pair to make the only tool for your next project.

RoboStation will:
  • Create MP3, WAV or FLAC audio files at a rate up to 60/hour
  • Auto groom CD information
  • Process DVDs
  • Download CD & DVD art


WRCJ, Detroit's Classical and Jazz Station, selected MD to convert their collection of CDs (MT) which will allow them to fully automate their airplay.

WVKR of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY, chose RoboStation to archive their collection of 35,000 CDs. Digitizing their collection will free precious station space as well as allow for automated scheduling.

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