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The adage of "you get what you pay for" holds true for everything including conversion services. Our service is designed to provide you the best result possible while making the process as simple. Moondog does conversions everyday, trust the same group that professionals trust.

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Our CD Ripping Service
Moondog's Standard Service will exceed your expectations. Our service handles tasks that discount services skip. This service will make loading your MP3 player a snap!

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Our professional service can convert your cherished music collection into the digital age with precision. Whether it's going on an iPod or large media server, we meticulously groom and return an archival quality digital music library.

How does Moondog provide the service? Your music can be returned on DVDRom or Hard Drive

  • 1.  Order our CD Ripping Service (details below)
  • 2.  Pay online and receive email confirmation
  • 3.  Return your collection in the packaging sent to you
  • 4.  Days later your collection will return fully digitized

Here are some of the most common questions.

Customer Testimonials

Dear Craig, thank you so much for the fine work in ripping my 700 CD collection. I began the project myself and soon realized that there wasn't enough time left in my life to do anything else. I needed a solution and Moondog rose to the occasion. I selected your company after discussing the project with several others. Yours was the first that took the time to explain the process and follow up with personal phone calls and emails. Customer service these days is at best poor and at worst a nightmare. It was delightful dealing with an American company that understood that customers need excellent service which includes excellent communication. Thanks for the hand holding and timely processing. Your shipping process is effortless. I recommend your company without the slightest reservation. Best wishes for continued success.
-Vincent R. Fennell, MD

I recently had Moondog convert my collection of 180 CDs. They supplied all everything needed, packing and shipping included. Within one week my entire collection was loaded on my IPOD.
Great Job, Thanks.
-Joe from Atlanta

So far so good!! I was very pleased with the service, turn around and professionalism--a great job all around!!
-Jeff Demerath

Having the desire to put over 1200 cd’s on a hard drive I started to research an independent company to do the job. Moondog Digital’s name came up on an Internet search. Having come out of the broadcast industry it was easy enough for me to check out Moondog’s credential. The company was HIGHLY recommended.

My experience was just as easy as could be. I found Moondog Digital to be organized and easy to deal with from beginning to end. It was a very quick process as well.

As I set here today, I have just hooked up my new hard drive with years of music on it. In this day and age, no one should go without making this conversion.
-June Brody - 12/23/2008

I had my entire collection placed into my ipod without spending days and weeks. I also got a dvd backup. Fast, painless and inexpensively thanks to Moondog Digital.
-Frank Finkel

My iPod touch and cds were delivered. Thank you! The work is great!! Thanks for your professionalism!

I hope that all is well w/ you and Moondog Digital!!

Thanks, Michelle

Hi Craig,
I wanted to thank you for the time and effort spent on my project; it was much appreciated. Also, I look forward to receiving the binder.


Your service was excellent. From my initial call to you to receipt of my hard drive, the whole process was quick and smooth. Your customer service and follow through were outstanding. I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for this type of service.


The phrase "time is money" could not be more appropriate in my case. A job that would have taken countless hours was done painlessly and professionally. Yours is truly a service well worth the small fee.

Christine S.

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